1. Floors.
2. Surfaces of work.
3. Tools.
4. Walls.
5. Places of arrangement.
6. Refrigerators and freezers.
7. Hoods.
8. Material of cooking.
9. Fryers
10. Furnaces.
11. Sinks and drains.
12. Washing up
13. Dishwasher.
14. The Council of disinfection.


The problem of greases in kitchen restricts the choice of cleaning
for floors. Indeed it is necessary to complete grease removing and consequently one cleaning scouring imposes itself. Universal grease remover product is ideal for this kind of cleaning. 


Are understood like surfaces of work, the tables in wood, stainless,
various polymers like blocks of cutting. These surfaces are to be remove grease and disinfect. For that the use of cleaning food disinfecting cleaning is appropriate perfectly. Method by pulverization and brushes. To make a success of a demonstration, to work with one universal cleaning in solution in water at a rate of 1/10. To vaporize on surface in abundance and to rub circularly with a hard brush.


Knives of work, peaks, mixers, cutters, robots various, etc must be cleaned, but also disinfected. Universal cleaning with corrosion inhibitor in pulverization. Brushes for the apparatuses and mop for the knives and other small ustensils.


For the cleaning of mural surfaces of kitchens, the universal cleaning in vaporization followed of a wiping, will eliminate cooked and not cooked greases.


One places there as well material as of the nonperishable food products.
It is thus necessary to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Disinfecting basic with each arrangement (current cleaning = vapo. followed passage with a sponge or mop), does not require rinsing.


For a good conservation of the goods stored out of refrigerators and
cold rooms, it is necessary to avoid any bacterial development in those
Use of universal cleaning on surfaces, does not require rinsing and can be in contact with food. In the same way for the freezers but only with the defrost


The filters of hoods are for the majority out of aluminium, it is thus necessary to avoid the contact of an alkaline pickling solution with those. Cleaning will be carried out by steeping in a solution of universal cleaning, the bath which can be used again until saturation.


Here one will meet especially a problem of caramelization of greases.
usual cleaning with a universal cleaning l, but use of alkaline pickling solution for total scouring. 

Method universal cleaning = to pulverize & wipe
Application of the alkaline pickling solution = brush & to rub
The material of cooking: electric cast-iron plates, gas, halogen, pans, stoves, etc.


Product: alkaline pickling solution
Method: to remove grease or oil.
To place the alkaline solution in the tank. To heat until boiling while supervising to avoid any overflow. To purge & rinse abundantly.


In usual cleaning, one universal cleaning is enough, method vapo., but for a scouring the use of alkaline pickling solution will be recommended.


The maintenance of surfaces stainless in regular contact with water, requires
several techniques: cleaning, polishing, descaling, deoxidation.

For the drains of kitchen, the problem being grease, one
will emerge with an industrial encorker and the maintenance of the rooms of visit and grease vats with biological products in periodic application.


The professional dishes with the hand is revalorized for some time.
Indeed one washes better, while damaging less and for a maximum effectiveness.
Little product thus: economy and ecology. 


Approach of a dishwasher 

The data to be taken are the degree general of scaling and particularly that of the jets, the temperature of the water reserve and the temperature of rinsing, the water hardness and the pH of the washer, the total capacity of the washer and the quantity of water of renewal by the rinsing, to check the height of crossing of the jets. If the dishwasher is furred, the use of an industrial scaling substance hot is recommended. To introduce the pure product in the content of the vat and to let fill, await the temperature and make turn the dishwasher several times of continuation until complete descaling. In the case or the jets are also furred, to make them soak in scaling substance oxydoreductor (to prevent loss of the chromium of those). Very often the product of rinsing not tolerating the temperature of a professional apparatus, the jets are clogged of a mixture of tartar and of solidified product, it is for that that we recommend the use of the scaling substance oxydoreductor.

The temperature of washing must lie between 55 and 60 °c
The temperature of rinsing must lie between 85 and 90 °c

One adds 0,5 g/l of product by 10 ° of hardness to the tops of 10 ° of hardness water. The conc is doubled. in rinsing by 10 ° with the tops of 10 ° of water hardness.

The ideal pH of washing is of approximately 10°.
One can also adjust the machine by catch of pH.
In any case to be useful itself of this measurement like method of control!
The quantity of product of washing is calculated at the beginning on the volume of the vat in dm3 height time width time length = liters, and quantity of adjustment of pump by volume in liter of rinsing (approximately 10 liters)
The quantity of product of rinsing is calculated on the basis of volume in liters of rinsing.

The crossing of the water jets must be placed on the crockery i.e. at approximately 20 cm in height of the edge of the window of access to the basket.
To check: to open during washing.
Without apparatus of proportioning the effectiveness of the dishwasher is variable, once well once month well, causes of an irregular distribution of the liquid and enormous wasting.
It should nevertheless be recognized that the installation of proportioning pumps is more expensive in expenses of placement, maintenance and repair that the advantage of placing the product.


To avoid the transport of bacteria of outside by air routes, vaporizing basic disinfecting (dilution 1/100) one time by day and preferably at the evening .