Treatment of surfaces

More than everywhere else, the sanitary ones must show an irreproachable hygiene and the first product to be used will be one cleaning with disinfecting action

Disinfecting for the destruction of the micro-organisms and cleaning to avoid their later development. Indeed cleanliness means lack of food for the bacteria and other microbes.

The maintenance of sanitary passes in first by disinfection and its methodology, but one should not neglect the respect of the supports. Cleaning running is carried out by a product foaming and managing to eliminate the soaps limestones responsible for the greatest source from stains in those.

Use of cleaning universal disinfecting in weekly pulverization for a perfect cleanliness of materials by respecting all the types of supports employed for those.

In monthly or quarterly descaling, use of light scaling substance with the advantages of restoring with materials their aspect of origin and of removing the traces of tartar and oxides various.

The use of acids concentrated on surfaces limestones is disadvised, but in certain cases of strong scaling and abundant presence of rust, the use of these industrial scaling substances is impossible to circumvent.

In this case, always to wet surface before putting it in contact with the product and rinsing immediately and abundantly after scouring.

Sanitary they is also the problems of drains

Stopped drains

Encorker with instantaneous action for drains
The product corrodes in a systematic way mineral concretions
and organics which are responsible for the continual obstructions due to the reduction in the sections of the drains.

It is the instantaneous character which makes the industrial encorker so exceptional, because it is always when that should not arrive that one has problems of drains

The ideal composition of the product allows performances the level of the problems of the drains without harmful actions on the whole of the conduits to be treated.

Specific case of the urinals

Liquid with slow action for urinals
The product corrodes in a systematic way the uric concressions responsible for the very unpleasant specific odors of the urinals and the continual obstructions due to the reduction in the sections of the drains.

The uric concressions are very difficult to eliminate because they are made up of a limestone amalgam of mineral origin and uric deposits of organic origin.

It is the synergistic composition which is powerful on the level of the problems of the urinals without harmful actions on the whole of the drains and conduits to be treated.

The slow and prolonged action is ideal for this kind of treatment.
Indeed the use of a more aggressive product would take off in mass the layers of deposits which would be blocked immediately with the first elbow or come contracting, causing a final obstruction of control.

The deposits of mineral origin which block a drain completely are impossible to treat. The chemical action can at the same time dissolve 1 to 2 mm of layer. The reduction in a section of pipe generally never exceeds 2 cm, whereas a control stopped on more than 30 cm cannot be treated any more, because it would be necessary to create a closed loop with continual injection of fresh products at a rate of 100 ml per mm (impossible Operation).

A weaker product could not never be active on the unit calcaire/uric.

Case of increase of nauseous odours

The various deposits in the conduits cause proliferation of the micro-organisms which break up waste while releasing from gases and other nauseous substances.
They form amalgams of germs and other micro-organisms pathogenic source also of various diseases.
The product must radically eliminate the various germs and other micro-organisms by its disinfecting action.